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The Fall 2014 edition of PoultryTech is available in PDF format.


The 2014 ATRP Annual Report is available in PDF format.


Squawk Talk: Researchers Try to Decipher Chicken Speech
Wall Street Journal
Wayne Daley, a Georgia Institute of Technology research engineer, is pecking away at a serious question for the poultry industry: how to digitally detect the cluck of an unhappy chicken.


Advanced Imaging Systems Injecting More Automation into Meat Processing
Food Processing Magazine
Processors and equipment manufacturers are shining a light on efficiencies and improvements in meat and poultry production, including ATRP principal research engineer Wayne Daley.


Future Of Agricultural Technology In Development At Georgia Tech
Georgia Farm Monitor
Farmers would love the ability to test crops for diseases right in the field, or remotely care for their chickens. The technology to allow that is actually being developed right now at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and could be available in the not-to-distant future.


Food production tough to automate

Business Insurance Magazine


GTRI Researchers Help Local Equipment Manufacturer Develop Novel Poultry Yield Detection Management System


Intelligent Cutting 2.0: Rebuilding the Poultry Deboning Robot


Infrared photos reveal Yellowstone's dark side - Using high-res heat vision, a scientist and a photographer are shedding new light on Yellowstone.


Robots Can Perform Surgery, But Can They Debone a Chicken?

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Wayne Daley was interviewed by Robert Siegel, host of NPR's All Things Considered.