ATRP Research Projects Address Critical Issues Facing Poultry Production
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On July 1, the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) launched its FY 2015 research program with 14 projects underway. The projects focus on developing technologies that address critical issues facing poultry production such as reducing water usage and environmental impact, improving product safety, and enhancing labor efficiency through automation and process improvements.
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ATRP Researchers Participate in STEM Education Programs

In addition to developing innovative technologies, researchers in the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) actively participate in educational outreach programs, particularly those focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. Each year the program provides undergraduate internship and graduate research assistantship opportunities. Researchers also lead technology demonstrations and participate in virtual lab exercises with K-12 students. The goal is to show how STEM is very much a part of food production and processing, thus introducing the students to the possibility of exploring a career in agriculture.
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National Safety Conference to Discuss Industry Safety Trends and Best Practices

Through speaker presentations and a series of more informal roundtable discussions, the 2014 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry will address current safety challenges facing industry safety professionals. Recognizing an ongoing opportunity, special emphasis will be given to ergonomics and reducing cumulative trauma disorders. This year’s conference will be held August 18-20, at the Hilton Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in Destin, Florida.
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ATRP to Host Poultry World at the Georgia National Fair

Join the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) as we host the award-winning Poultry World educational exhibit October 3-14 at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. The exhibit, housed in a miniature poultry growout house, features educational, interactive, and multimedia displays designed to promote the poultry industry and its importance to Georgia. For more information, visit
Manager's Corner

Doug Britton, Ph.D.

Over the summer, I have had the opportunity to participate in several academic and industry meetings focused on poultry production and processing, and invariably, at some point someone will bring up what I am calling the Global Food Grand Challenge.
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ATRP Vision
To be the Technology Innovation & Development provider that enables Georgia to be recognized as the undisputed leader in Poultry, Agribusiness, and Food Processing.
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