Matthew Swarts

Masters, Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelors, Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Expertise
Design Computation, Modeling and Simulation, Building Information Modeling

Selected Publications
Gómez, P., Hadi, K., Kemenova, O., Swarts, M. (2020). “Spatiotemporal Modeling of COVID-19 Spread in Built Environments.” SIGraDi 2020, Medellin, Colombia.

Hadi, K., Gómez, P., Swarts, M., Marshall, T., Bernal. M. (2020). “Healthcare Design Metrics for Human-Centric Building Analytics.” SIGraDi 2020, Medellin, Colombia.

Gómez, P. & Swarts, M. (2014). Campus Information-and-knowledge Modeling: Embedding Multidisciplinary Knowledge into a Design Environment for UniversityCampus Planning. International Journal of Architectural Computing, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 439-458. Doi: 10.1260/14780771.12.4.439

Afsari, K., Swarts, M., & Gentry, T.R. (2014). “Integrated Generative Technique for Interactive Design of Brickworks”, Journal of Information Technology in Construction. Vol.19, Special Issue Emerging digital technologies and innovations, pp. 225-247.

Wonoto, N., Baerlecken, D., Gentry, T.R., & Swarts, M. (2013). “Parametric Design and Structural Analysis of Deployable Origami Tessellation”, Computer-Aided Design & Applications, 10(6), 939-951. doi: 10.3722/cadaps.2013.939-951

Economou, A. & Swarts, M., “Performing Palladio”, International Journal of Architectural Computing, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 47-61, 2006.

Awards & Honors
Presidential Citation, ITEEA, 2021

FORUM8, Academic Encouragement Award, 2017

Georgia Tech College of Architecture, Research Service Award, 2008

Professional Activities
CharaChorder LLC, CTO

Matthew Swarts

Senior Research Scientist
Branch Head – Machine Learning & Data Analytics

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