Gary McMurray

Division Chief, Intelligent Sustainable Technologies Division (ISTD)

Robotics, Modeling, and Sensing for Agriculture

404-407-8844 | Email

Doug Britton

Manager, Agricultural Technology Research Program

Image and Signal Processing for Agriculture

404-407-8829 | Email

Konrad Ahlin

Robotics, Dynamics, Modeling, Controls

404-407-7245 | Email

Stephen Balakirsky

Chief Scientist, Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory

Robotics, Planning, Intelligent Systems, Control Systems

404-407-8547 | Email

Walker Byrnes

Robotic Control, Software Development, Automated System Design, Mechanical Design

Office: 404-407-6513 | Work Cell: 678-483-9957


Wayne Daley

Computer Vision, Intelligent Systems, Sensing for Agriculture

404-407-8828 | Email

Nathan Damen

Robotics, Augmented Reality, Electro-Mechanical Design, Machine Learning, Unity Development, ROS

404-407-8459 | Email

Office Cell: 678-215-4891

Aklilu Giorges

Advanced Mixing Systems, Modeling for Environmental Research

404-407-8837 | Email

Khatereh Hadi

Modeling & Simulation, Systems Engineering, Health Data Analytics, Computational Design, Human-Centered Design, Spatial Analysis

404-407-8840 | Email

John Hankinson

Renewable Energy Systems, Martian In-Situ Resource Utilization, Advanced Sensor Networks

404-407-6467 | Email

Comas Haynes

Energy Modeling, Simulation, Systems Integration, Energy and Thermal Systems

404-407-7578 | Email

Yuhang He

Design Computation, Modeling and Simulation, Building Information Modeling

404-407-8697 | Email

Christopher Heist

Analytical Chemistry, GC/MS, GCxGC/MS, Microfluidics, MEMS, Low-Cost Diagnostics, Chem/Bio Sensors, Volatile Organic Compound Detection and Profiling, Biomanufacturing, Environmental Monitoring, Explosives Detection

404-407-6747 | Email

Ai-Ping Hu

Robotics, Agrobotics, Controls, and Mechantronics for Agriculture

404-407-8815 | Email

Benjamin Joffe

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics

404-407-8848 | Email

Olga Kemenova

Air Quality and Transportation Systems, Policy Analysis and Analytics

404-407-8345 | Email

Milad Navaei

Physical and Chemical Sensing, Material Characterization for Agriculture

404-404-6206 | Email

Jinho Park

Design, synthesis, and characterizations of functional nanomaterials; Li-ion batteries; supercapacitors; fuel cells, electrolyzers; gas sensors

404-407-6915 | Email

Michael Park

Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Optimal Control

404-407-6727 | Email


John Pierson

Wastewater Pretreatment Alternatives, Environmental Control Systems, Pollution Control, Biofuels

404-407-8839 | Email

Stephanie Richter

Food Safety, Microbiology, Poultry Process Chilling Applications, Chemical Intervention Technologies, Poultry Physiology

404-407-6075 | Email

Daniel Sabo

Environmental Sensing, Magnetic Ferrite Nanoparticles, Magnetic Refrigeration

404-407-6730 | Email

Alexander Samoylov

Air Quality and Transportation Systems, Policy Analysis and Analytics

404-407-6669 | Email

Judy Song

Chem-Bio Sensors, Electrochemical Sensors, Gas Detection, GC-MS Analysis, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Detection and Profiling, Water Quality Monitoring

404-407-6047 | Email

Matthew Swarts

Design Computation, Modeling and Simulation, Building Information Modeling

404-407-8697 | Email

Sean Thomas

Electronic and Mechanical System Design

404-407-8843 | Email

Colin Usher

Intelligent Systems, Computer Imaging, Robotics and Automation Technologies

404-407-8833 | Email

Francisco Valdes

Applied Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Renewable Energy Systems, Model Based System Engineering (MBSE), CAD, CAE, CAM, Building Information Modeling (BIM)

404-909-6984 | Email

Jie Xu

Biochemical Sensing, Analytical Chemistry, Wastewater Pretreatment Alternatives

404-407-6122 | Email

Kristi Campbell

Kristi Campbell

Marketing and Communications Team

Program Coordination, Conferences, Marketing, Education Program Outreach
404-407-8822 | Email

Angela Colar

Angela Colar

Marketing and Communications Team

Communications Management, Publications Design, Media Relations, Public Relations
404-407-8825 | Email

Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas

Marketing and Communications Team

Photography, Videography, Website Development, Graphic Design, Visual Display Systems

404-407-8826 | Email