Milad Navaei

MBA  Scheller college of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021 
Ph.D. Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011
B.S.  Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009

Research Expertise
Physical and chemical sensing, system integration, MEMS/NEMS fabrication, material characterization, and thin film

Introduction to MEMS   ME 6229
Nanoscale Devices  ME 4766
IoT In Health  VIP 4602

Selected Publications
TH Chang, D Struk, M Navaei, VM Doroshenko, V Laiko, E Moskovets. Separation of volatile organic compounds using a MEMS separation column integrated with ion trap mass spectrometer
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 307, 127588 (2020)     

Milad Navaei , Alireza Mahdavifar, Jean-Marie D. Dimandja, Gary McMurray and Peter J. Hesketh. All Silicon Micro-GC Column Temperature Programming using Axial Heating, micromachines, Volume 6, 865-878(2015)
Milad Navaei, Alireza Mahdavifar, Jie Xu, Jean-Marie Dimandja, Gary McMurray, and Peter Hesketh. Micro-Fabrication of all Silicon 3 Meters GC Columns using High Temperature Gold Eutectic Fusion Bonding, ECS JSSST, 2015 volume 4 (10)
Milad Navaei, Alireza Mahdavifar, Dr. Jie Xu, Dr. Jean-Marie Dimandja, Gary McMurray, and Peter Hesketh. Implementation of a Polysilicon Micro Electro-Thermal Detector for Flow in Gas Chromatography System, ECS solid state, ECS JSST, 4 (10) S3062-S3066 (2015)
Milad Navaei, J. Xu, P. Hesketh, W. Daley, and S. Grullon. Lateral Flow Impedance Transducer for Salmonella Detection, ECS Trans. 2011 volume 35, issue 35, 27-34
Milad Navaei , X. Song, K. Schoenwald , A. Mahdavifar, P. J. Hesketh , J. Dimandja, G. McMurray. Portable MEMS GC System for Early Detection of Armillaria Fungi, Journal of computers and electronics in agriculture (in preparation)
Alireza Mahdavifar, Milad Navaei, Joseph Stetter, Gary Hunter, Melvin Findlay. Transient Thermal Response of Micro Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) for Identification of Gas Mixtures, an Ultra-Fast and Low Power Method, Nature microsystems and Nanoengineering (2015) 1, 15025
Venkatasubramanian, Milad Navaei, K. R. Bagnall, K. C. McCarley, S. Nair, and P. J. Hesketh. Gas Adsorption Characteristics of Metal Organic Frameworks via Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), J. of Chemical Physics, 116,(29), PP. 15313-15321 (2012)

Awards & Honors
Georgia Tech Teaching Fellowship ( March 2018)
GTRI Outstanding Technical Leadership in Sensor Development( Dec 2017)
GTRI Spot Award for Innovation and Creativity ( Aug 2015)
GTRI Outstanding Graduate Student Award ( Dec 2014)
National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Award (May 2014)

Professional Activities
Co-organizer, fellow and session chairs of ECS conference, 2015-present
Member at-large , Electrochemical society (ECS), 2014 – current
Conference Chair, Electrochemical society, 2016-current  
Member, American Physical Society (APS), 2014 - current
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2014-current
Served as a reviewer for Journal of Nature Microsystems and Nanoengineering, 2015-present
Served as a reviewer for Journal of Micromachine Journal, 2015-present

Milad Navaei

Senior Research Engineer
Faculty Adjunct Professor  

404-407-6206 | Email